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how to make groove on tire???

By Amol Baykar on 28 Jul 16:26 2 answers 1594 views 0 comments

I am making tire in solidworks...i want to make groove on the surface of tire which is not flat...when i use extrude cut feature groove of different depth is form..


wet tire.SLDPRT, 684 KB

2 answers

  • balaji l
    balaji l about 3 years ago

    you can create a plane tangent to tire tread surface then make a groove by extruded cut, and then you use the circular pattern option to complete the operation

  • saeid mirshahidi
    saeid mirshahidi about 3 years ago

    1-use extruded boss\base up to next
    2-Revolved cut wit out border of tire

    attached file is in SW 2014


    wet tire-S.sldprt, 2.03 MB

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