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how to make hole table in pro e drafting

By satish on 07 Aug 08:25 3 answers 5753 views 0 comments

i have created a sheet metal model with few holes and i want to represent it in drafting with "hole table" .

3 answers

  • Amol Birari
    Amol Birari about 4 years ago

    Place a coordinate system at your "origin" and then choose from ADVANCED->HOLE TABLE->SETUP->.... then CREATE-> and follow PRO/E instructions

  • Gopal Parmar
    Gopal Parmar over 3 years ago

    open a prt and
    1) U have to take datum coordinate sys at which u want to create a
    reference point or place from where all dimensions are to be measured
    2)then re-orient that csys such that y remain vertical and x being horizontal by orientaion dialog box , use flip to set x , y coordinate
    3) then u go to the drafting and place that specific view such that y =vertical and x= horizontal
    4) now click on hole table and add or remove the parameters that u need or not
    5)now click create table .
    6) now click on coordinate sys
    7) and just click out side area of the placed view

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