How to make holes on a curved surface in NX that patterns around the curve

I have a part and i need to create holes all around a curved surface.

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1.create datum tangent to the surface.
2.draw hole on that datum using sketch.
3.By extrude and subtract it to make hole.
4.Instance geometry...> on path option ....>to select the curved edge ...>then give number of copy and angle.
5.Then extrude sktches induvidually.

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Im looking for it to be on the curved parts. the flat area that you did was easy but im stuck on the curved areas.

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I'm not too sure I understand what the question is. In the attached model the upper set of hole is simply a hole placed on the midpoint of the sketch line, then arrayed about the center axis of the part.

The second set of holes uses the sketch to drive a law curve helix (2 turns) that matches the conical shape in that area. The helix is then used to create an equally spaced point set , starting at 30% of the helix and ending at 70%. When you select this point set in the model tree, then select the hole command, a hole is created normal to the surface at each point.

So, you can create a pattern of holes on a curved surface by arraying a hole or hole set, or you can map points on a surface by sketching, dividing a curve, or other means and use that point set to locate the holes.

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just take a datum plane along the curved plane and draw the sketch and by instance feature to pattern face
then select the obtained face which u got by subtracting the sketch and then choose pattern face option

Answered with a tutorial:

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create point on surface------- hole --- salect point ------ ok

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