How to make jig for this product?

this part one of my final year project, this part need to be running using cnc milling but i don't how to make jig,somebody can help me to make a jig for this product.

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Hi johari can you explain what a jig is? or maybe even upload an image for this jig? It would help others know what it is...
Also I downloaded you IPT.
there is a little error in your design.
Extrusion 6 & 9
and also a hole is always a hole no matter what and should always use the hole tool this will also help you with your lay out drawings and will speed up your work flow and not an extrusion unless it is a very large hole only then you can use extrusions.

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Best bet is to work with your CNC people. They'll need to know what raw material size and shape they will be starting with as well as the finished part. They'll likely import they part to their software, so working with them for jig or fixture makes the most sense.

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