How to make model in keyshot (3 or 5) to shine?

exactly tha bottle,exactly that material,brown glass*

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You should use a different environment with more contrast and details in order to "catch" more reflections on the shiny glass surface of your model.

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You may be able to replicate the effect in Keyshot, but most likely not with all the bottles and box in a single scene. You'd be better off getting the effect right on a single bottle, and then combining several images in Photoshop.
Another issue with rendering all of the bottles at once, is the perspective of each bottle will be slightly different. Rendering each bottle separately, in the center of the display will give you a better final image. I think one of the Keyshot training videos discusses this topic, but I don't know which video it is in.

As for the reflection on the bottle, I think that is a "lighting effect" added in Photoshop. If you look at a lot of Keyshot renderings with glass (bottles, lenses, watches...etc), it is much faster, and actually better looking to add the effects like this in a photo editor.

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I want it to get shine like in the picture above (below)

black cap,dark brown body of a bottle.same as my first picture but more light,more shiny

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Use a correct HDRI for shiny reflections, and work on the material ( two-sided glass) too. Search for free HDRI at the web.

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