How to Make Motion of Assembly O-Ring in Solidworks

I have problem about motion study of my project. The project is to fit o-ring into part with cone. Sample Animation on the file below. Help me to make motion study of o-ring assembly. The file i get from Suchen Liang.

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Ok so this is the answer. One step i left out was that i offset the construction geometry to make it more appearantly that the inner diameter is getting larger as we move the o-ring upwards also change the outside diameter to be a distance from the inside (fixed today )so that they'll both follow the curve nicely as i will mention have to go to sleep now so didn't have the time to finish. The gripper itself i used another model i created couldn't find the first one, the mate i used on this one are tangent to each other but they will work just as well. I didn't have time to import the gripper to the assembly ( have to go to sleep) but mate the cone concentric to the gripper handle then make a limit mate to the outer ends of the gripper claws and the cone ,that way when you move the cone upwards it will open the grippers automatically. Good luck! (See working animation avi-file)

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