how to make outer section of the window.the outer section part is also among the fill

my problem to make outer section of a window because left vertical section has two radius.when i used the sweep operation than it failed.
so please help me.

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2 Answers

Could you provide a better quality image of the drawing you are working off of? Also I would try and get your profile sketch better defined. To get the curve with two radius, you can create two separate sketches on orthogonal planes and then then use the project curve feature.

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sir it is not current approach is that first of all i draw profile of section.then draw first vertical section by sketch two radius of 7000 and 5000 mm and apply projection curve.then i draw the horizontal section of 600 mm. then i draw second vertical section (right vertical section) with radius 7000.and then i draw horizontal section of 841 mm and after that i apply composite curve.and after that when i apply sweep operation then it fail.
so that sir help me.
i also send two images it will help you to understand the window curvature

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