How to make ribs correctly in solidworks?

In this modeling i can't extrude correctly the four ribs.

So please anyone help me drawing this model .

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

Making the assumption that rip = rib

Here are some images of how I would draw the part. It is sort of poorly dimensioned and requires the cylinder to define the shape/slope of the ribs.
For a CAD exercise it is suitable. If you sent this to a machinist for production, they'd place it at the bottom of a pile of work.

I would not bother trying to use the rib or chamfer tools for this part. Just draw and define the 2D profiles, then extrude.
Just make sure the 30mm bore is made after the extruded rib profiles. That makes sit easier to create the ribs since all of the geometry can simply overlap.

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