How to make single parts from sections?


I'm using the student version from Solidworks.

I'm modeling a boat hull for my hobby. It will be a radio controlled boat.
First i've made a suface model and then I used 'replace face' to make a solid body.
Then I found a tutorial here to make sections for the beams and that worked.

Now I want to make single parts from all the sections. So I've made sketches on the sections using 'convert entities' but when I copy those sketches and paste them in a new part, I can't give the sketch dimensions.
If I give one dimension to any line, the other lines wil move.

Does anyone have a tutorial to make those parts?

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2 Answers

Do you have the Direct Editing option available? If yes, select the split command.

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Don't recreate them. In the feature manager on the left, there is a solid bodies folder. Right click on each body and select insert into new part. This will create a dumb solid that is still linked to the dimensions in the original part.

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