how to make skeleton and envelope in pro e?

i dont know meaning and applications of skeleton and envelope feature....please explain

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Skeleton s are sort of reference part models used to create individual piece parts within an assembly file. The use of skeletons is when we are building large assemblies while following the top down design method. A skeleton is a blue print which claims space for the all the parts that needs to be created. It is usually the first component which needs to be placed while approaching the design by top down methodology. It can be an existing pro part file also, however pro e allows us to create a skeleton within the assembly file. For example if you want to model a nut and bolt assembly, your skeleton can be just be a two concentric circles. To create the nut and the bolt you simply need to use the create component option within the assembly, assemble it by default, and use the skeleton sketches for reference.

Envelopes on the other hand are tools used for reducing the regeneration time in large assemblies. For example if you want to use a compressor in an assembly, most probably you do not want the intricate interior parts and sub assemblies, for this what you do is create an envelope where only the outer surfaces are used as a copy geometry . This reduces the time for regenerating and reduces the file size as well.

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Please give some more details of your question.

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