How to make small pyramids on a 3D curved surface?

Hi all,
For a project I am trying to make (part of) a shape similar to as shown in the sketch attached. What I am trying to make is:

- a 1/8th sphere segment (as in a quadrant of the upper/lower half),
- instead of a smooth surface I want the surface to be divided in 3 equal parts (so not 5 like in the sketch, but 3 with a common midpoint)
- I want the created segments each to be a small 'pyramid', (much like the shell of a turtle so to say)

Ive tried creating the spere segment and then mapping a sketch for split lines on top, but it wasnt really working out for me. Now im trying if it would be better to create the shapes first on a flat plane and curve the whole surface later.. but Im still struggling to get it to work. Im familiar with SW but not really advanced, so any thoughts on what the best way to go is here are appreciated!

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3 Answers

Take a look at this model (in SolidWorks 2014) inspired by your question:

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Heres a screenshot added of the part Im working with. It shows the part of the spere, which is divided in 3 equal segments (highlighted). Now what I am trying to do is to get each of those to not be smooth but have a slight pyramid that lifts the midpoint of the lines that is shown in each section just a bit up. Hope the explanation and image are clear!

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