how to make solidbody from surfaces

plz check model first

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Hi Yash,

This is a simple 1 step process. Depending on the release of inventor you have, all you have to use is the "sculpt" command. I attached an image of where it is in the 2016 release of Inventor. It may be in a different location depending on the release you have.

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From the model tree on this part, I'm guessing this was an import from a (stp) file. These files differ depending on the origin software, so the translation to an Inventor (ipt) file can differ also. When I encounter files like this one, I open a new blank part file. From the your file I would begin by creating a sketch on the mid plane of this part, then "project geometry" . then copy this sketch into the new part file on the same plane. Finish sketch, then "extrude" symmetrical, in this case, it would be 1". Next return to the other part and create a sketch on the surface with the hole again by "Project geometry", select then copy the sketch to the new part on the same surface and finish by "extrude cut" the hole. This will finish your new model of the part. Assign material properties and save. Hope this is helpful.

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Ca he have the possibility to convert solidbody from surfaces, in solidworks from differets programs?
Or the this possibility is concrete only by same programs?
If is possible only by same programs, how i can do this process in Solidworks.

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I'm not sure how this is done in solidworks, but it is possible. It has been a while since I've used solidowrks but I remeber doing this same operation in that software as well.

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