How to make springs in Catia V5?

I want to design a bolt/nut but dont know how to do the threading if you can teach me how to make springs, i can imply that for my work.

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4 Answers

draw a straight line as an axis and a point in same sketch at a distance euual to your spring radius. And as the starting point of your spring.
Exit the sketcher.
Go to wireframe and surface design OR Generative shape design workbench in CATIA.
Pick the tool Helix from WIRE FRAME tool bar.
Then pick the point as the starting point and line as the axis of your spring. Now provide input as per your requirement. you will get a helical wire.
Take a plane normal to helix. draw circle on it. Go to part modeling and pick the tool RIB if you want to create a solid spring.
Pick the circle as profile and helix as the center curve.


If you want to draw the spring in surface, then pick sweep tool, First main type and First sub type. Pick circle and then helix. click OK.; And you will get your spring.

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