How to make Standard Elements ( Non Construction elements like lines and points) in catia hole wizard sketch?

I am working an existing cad models in which there some Holes.
In the hole sketch there are 8 points in addition to the default point. these points are non construction elements. Hence the same sketch is then used for user defined pattern to create more holes.
when i make a hole sketch it is not allowing me to create non construction elements neither a line nor a point.By default everthing is converted to construction element. Is there a setting or anything for this.

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Please see the markings in both files.
Untiltled 2 is the previously made model by some other guy.
Untitled 1 is the model I made which allows only construction elements.
Surprisingly when i work in old part model i can add the point as you can see the point marked not fully constrained is a new addition which i did.

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