how to make sub assembly of a assembly fexible to the main assembly

Iam ryan from Philippines. iam having project but iam stock in this issue.
i have a hydraulic cylinder as an sub assy. of a mast as my assembly. I make my h.cylinder(sub assy) flexible to my assembly and it works.. but now when i attached my mast(assembly) to the main assembly, the h.cylinder(sub assembly) in not flexible... is there a way i can still make the h.cylinder(sub assy) flexible to the main assy??

I attached my diagram here for a reference.
hope you can help me in this.. ^_^

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2 Answers

In your main assembly open the properties of the sub assembly and make it flexible. Look here on how to do that;

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In your assembly (mast) design tree on the left side of your screen, right-click on the subassembly (h.cylinder). To make (h.cylinder) flexible select the button in this menu titles "Make Subassembly Flexible". It has a yellow T shaped part and a green box.

The second way to do this is as Stephen said from within the properties, which you can access in the same way, by right clicking the subassembly (h.cylinder).

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