How to make tangent cuts to a curved solid

I want to model the microphone grid of the PSEye camera ( It's rounded box grid and I cant get any solidoworkd that I know to make the trick. The warp says it cant work with spherical faces and deform is not giving the final face as it is...I appreciate all the help!


I tried to use wrap, but it says it cant wrap around toroidal or shperical faces

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Hi !
If only rendering is necessary , basic SW material such as perforated rubber can make the job. Arrange color, resize map scale and it will be done.

Answered with a tutorial:

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make a sketch of hole on parallel plane and then project!!!

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Instead of making real holes on the surfaces , why don't try to make a shell then apply a perforated material just for rendering.
The part is embossed perforated sheet metal , so I don't think SW be able to create this type of part , Logopress might be ?
Good Luck !

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