How to make the chamfer?

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select the feature option from the toolbar then click insert then features then chamfer. After selecting this click on the edge or select two sides of a object where you want to apply and then click ok or press enter.

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The chamfer tool creates a beveled feature on selected edges, faces, or a vertex.

To create a chamfer:

Click Chamfer tool_Chamfer_Features.gif on the Features toolbar, or click Insert > Features > Chamfer.

Under Chamfer Parameters:

Select an entity in the graphics area for Edges and Faces or Vertex

you have angle distance or distance distance or vertex types in it.

click this tutorials basics would have been explained but in catia and creo

Tutorial for Designing Engine case
CATIA V5 Basic Tutorial

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The chamfer around the outer edge?

1.Click Chamfer on the Features toolbar, or click Insert > Features > Chamfer.

Should be a simple solution, unless you're referring to the chamfer-like feature in the center of the object.

Youtube video for Chamfers:

SolidWorks chamfer description:

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Select the edges which you want to chamfer, then input the value of chamfer. Chamfer value must be lower than edge width...

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