How to make the channels for feeder's bowl?

Dear friends!
Does anyone know how to make the channels for a vibratory feeder's conical (stepped) bowl? I am trying hard for a few weeks...I've tried to make the channels first, I tried to revolve the body of the bowl and after that - cut the channels... But I can't figure out how to remove the material that shouldn't be there - everytime I got the Zero-thickness geometry error. If anyone have an idea - it will be very helpful!
I'm uploading 2 photos as well as the part file in Solidworks-2015.
P.S. The sketch of the channels is in the revolve feature and it's correct. The variable hellix feature is also correct.
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I'll check out the part again as soon as I can.
The image you found on Google is helpful, did you also see the video on this page:
Fast forward to ~2:00 minutes, and a few additional views of the bowl can be seen.

Comments 0 on Youtube the video can be watched in full screen. It is a little easier to see the shape of the bowl.

What about a sweep along a tapered helix? I've attached an example.

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Try combining bodies. So do a solid sweep and subtract it to the main body, the bowl.

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Thank you, guys! I'm getting there...
Now I have only one more question - Does anyone know what to do with that additional rib? I can't remove it because the bottom channel will be more than 10mm in thickness which is not good. :)
I don't know how but I'm not getting the error anymore. I just make the channel wider and longer - to be able to intersect with the zero-thickness is not an issue anymore.
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EDIT! I now know what it's all about... As you can see on the picture of a complete bowl that I found via Google - it's not a figure that can be made with revolving... The shape of the bowl is actually a spiral AND helix. Damn, it's hard to imagine that...

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Yep! Thank you very much! I found that solution today, also... Just made the L shape for the channel and after that - the helix feature. Thank you very much! :)

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