How to make this part to sheetmetal


I need the added part transformed to sheetmetal in solid edge so i can make a flat pattern.
I can't seem to get it right somehow.
If u can please ad a little discription or an how to so i can do it myself next time.

The file is made in Solid Edge ST7.


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I don´t know how accurate this is but I managed to get a flat pattern from this model by creating a surface model and the using "blank surface" command.

Answered with a tutorial:

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I'm not familiar with Solid Edge, but I'll assume it has similar capabilities to SolidWorks.
This part is not a "sheet metal" part in the sense that it starts as a flat piece of metal, and is then folded to obtain the desired result. This piece curves in two directions at once, so you really have more of a spun piece of metal, or a buckling situation.
SolidWorks (and I assume Solid Edge) only solves sheet metal problem parts that have rather simple folds. Once you get into buckled parts, or bends crossing over other bends, it will need to be solved with other software.
SolidWorks 2015 and 2016 have a Flatten Surface feature that might give you a close approximation of the flat pattern. To use this feature, you need SolidWorks Premium. I only have the Professional version, but maybe someone with Premium could take a look.

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First of all, to create a solid edge sheet metal part you need to start as a sheet metal by clicking on ISO Sheet metal.
Then you create a sketch wich you extrude with the contour flange option.
The part you have in the drawing needs to be made out of 5 separate sheet metal parts because of the variable diameter. That part can be made in reality from one sheet on a forge or a press

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translate your .par file as .step then open it as sheet metal then save as flat.

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