How to make wheel/pin slide (not roll) along curve/surface ?

I tried to use roll curve and slide curve to try to animate my pin to slide along the ellipse, but it just couldn't work, still showing 2 DOFs, I'm not sure why.

I referred, even did the exact same thing as this guy did ( but i couldn't reproduce what he did either, always ended up showing DOFs > 1 .

Attached below is my image and curve

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4 Answers

Just add one planer joint. Planes must be perpendicular to pin axis. In your data it must be YZ plane (or paralel to YZ)

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Instead of a rolling curve or sliding curve joint; use a point on curve joint.

Point is the centerpoint of the pin, and curve is parallel offset from the ellipse the radius of the pin.

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I tried using point curve (Point coincidence with pin's circumference + path of the ellipse) and a planar joint between planes of pin and ellipse, both of which are parallel to the pin's axis, but still ended up with DOFs >= 1.

Attached below are my files

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