How to make winding of a rotor of an electric fan in Pro-e?

I have tried making winding of a rotor in 3d in Pro-e using Part Modelling but it was not much successful, but i was able to just give a look using equation curve....can anybody help me out in making winding of rotor...??

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Either you can offset the coordinate system, creating Multiple points, Or create multiple points on tilted plane and then create a pattern in Pro/ENGINEER.
Now run the curve through it or #Insert #Advance #Pipe , thus creating a coil. But I am still unaware of the function (Purpose) you require it for. I would suggest not to create coil winding with N number of turns Simply for representation. It would make the part heavy unnecessarily.

Many thanks for Reading..

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Look my model EM rotor in STEP file. I made it in SW but I thing that will be similar in proE. First make a iron rotor core with desired space for coils- remember must be even number of poles (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ...) Then you must determine a number of windings in one coil and diameter of wire. In sketch you make a points on one side. Make analog to other side of rotor but a planes must be distant from plane of rotor ends - curving a wire on coil. It is important to make only one coil with right dimensions. Other is similar and in assy mode simple duplicate and rotate.

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When you make a coil you first make only one winding with sweep function (3d sketch of path and circle of diameter of wire).then multiply linear in height.

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