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How to manage large assembly with folders

By sire on 12 Nov 22:17 3 answers 0 comments

Does anyone knows if content center objects like bolts, screws... can be send in a folder in the assembly view.

Different ipt parts or assembly can be easily "foldered" (sorry for my french).

By advance,

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3 answers

  • budakfelda
    budakfelda over 3 years ago

    I believe, he want to put all of the Content Center part (bolts, nuts etc) inside a folder, to make the assembly tree looks tidy up. Well then, just create a new folder on the Assembly Tree Panel and drag all the related items into it. I dont know if there is a way to make it "automatically".. :)

  • Addison  Devitry
    Addison Devitry 5 months ago

    Get a PLM/PDM.

    I work for a Solidworks add on company called SolidPartners. We are an alternative to the high end/expensive PDM PLM systems. We mostly work with small to medium size companies as our PLM is only $50.00/month per user.

    We also offer a affordable parts library which contains over 15,000 configurtions for $199.00

    Here is a link to our Solidparts library video

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  • Pritesh Hadiya
    Pritesh Hadiya almost 4 years ago

    Sorry i did not understand what you want to do with content center file. Can you re frame your question please.

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