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how to mark center to center dimensions in solidworks drawing {.drw} file

By mohammed ubaidullah on 16 Feb 12:37 8 answers 4 comments

I need the dimensions marked from center to center without holes like i done in the file which is attached

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  • Robert H.
    Robert H. 9 months ago

    You can construct a vertical 'centerline' on each of the rectangles and place the dimension on the centerlines.

    To construct the centerlines, click insert>annotation>centerline, and select the 2 vertical edges of each rectangle.

    You can delete the holes before or after, but before would probably be easiest and ensure the dimension didn't accidentally reference the holes.

  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill 9 months ago

    As mention by Robert H. You can use centerlines.
    Alternatively you can select smart dimenion tool and then right click on both horizontal lines and select "Select Midpoint" option. It will give similar results.

  • Coleen McTrevs
    Coleen McTrevs 9 months ago

    Centerlines is the easiest way to solve your task. Personally I prefer to use for these purposes but a problem described is not that difficult to resolve on your own.

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