How to mate 1 filleted feature of a part #1 to a chamfered corner of part #2?

I need to remove a certain amount of material to create a flush/coincident mate.

Part 1 is a peg with a loft that created the 4 smooth corners.

Part 2 is a receiver that has all corners chamfered at 45 deg.

I tried combine tool but it took way too much material off.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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3 Answers

I would Approach the Problem differently.

I would reconstruct the peg design. Instead of using loft Feature I would create the peg with a sketch which contains a defined 45 degree angle at the Corner (so that it would fit finally with the reciever).

Because of connecting two Surface with a loft fuction (in PEG design) you have currently no control on the loft angle.

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I am not sure why you constucted the parts in such a complicated way.
I tried to recreate your design and attached is the execution.

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