How to mate a "bulb" shape to the keel of a sailboat in Solid works?

I am trying to create an assembly of a sailboat in solidworks. I successfully fixed the keel and rudder with mutliple mates but I cannot successfully fix the bulb at the bottom of the keel.
What I attempted:
-position the keel in the bulb
-created a cavity in the bulb
-coincident mates of the leading edge of the keel and the leading edge of the cavity (it is an airfoil shape)
-coincident mates with the Right plane and the trailing edge of the cavity

Now the bulb is free to rotate in the y-z plane but is restrained in the x-y plane and the x-z plane. The bulb was made from two xyz curves of NACA coordinates. I don't know how to mate it so it doesn't rotate because I am struggling to put a point on the surface of the bulb. I tried showing photos where it is rotating when I do not want it to ( the chavity should be aligned with the keel)

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2 Answers

How about a parallel mate between the horizontal plane in the bulb and the horizontal plane in the assembly?

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The parallel mate should work but there is a more elegant way. If you know where exactly you want the part then define 3 coinciding planes on xy, xz and yz on your assembly and part respectively. Now mate them together and your part is fixed in position. I have attached a sample of what I mean, hope it helps.

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