How to mate a flat part to a part with curvature in solidworks?

I am trying to attach the keel of a sailboat to the hull. The keel is flat and the hull of the sailboat has significant curvature on the bottom. Any advice for how to mate the two? I was considering trying an extruded cut through the hull but there has to be better way.

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When model geometries don't fit together, you'll have to use reference geometry such as planes instead. So position the keel perfectly in relation to the hull by combinations of coincident, parallel and distance mates.

If you want the hull and keel as separate parts that fits together perfectly (the hull having a keel shaped hole), you can right-click on the hull in the assembly feature manager, choose "Edit part" and Insert->Feature->Cavity where you click on the keel for input. This subtracts the keel from the hull.

If you, alternatively, want the boat in one part, you can save the assembly as a part file (Use "Save as" .PRT with the option "All components" checked. Open the new part file and use Insert->Feature->Combine to fuse the hull and keel into one body. This allows you to use fillets between the keel and the hull, a feature that doesn't work when hull and keel are separate bodies.

Hope this helps :-)

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