How to mate/assemble a joint with one spherical surface rolling on another curved surface in AD Inventor?

Hi Everyone!

I'm using Autodesk Inventor 2016 Pro. I'm trying to assemble something like components of a bearing. Actually anything with one "spherical" surface rolling on another spherical or cylindrical surface.

I want to make assemblies which involve balls rolling on such a surface, and to properly simulate such a motion. However, I cannot find any assembly constraint or mate relation that can help me achieve such a relationship. The ball joint comes close, but its only for a ball and socket in which the ball is within close tolerance of the spherical socket, instead of rolling on a long section of concave spherical/cylindrical surface. The translational constraint seems for two cylinders to roll over each other but only along a straight line, not like a ball that can potentially roll in any direction and rotate about any of its axes simultaneously. Think of a bearing ball rolling within the circular-cylindrical faces of the inner & outer race of a bearing, or the bearing balls rolling the straight-cylindrical face of a machine guide rail. How do I create such a motion constraint? Is there any other "combination" of constraints/mates that can jointly create desired effect? I also want to animate such a motion of balls rolling over such a cured surface - so any way out?

(IF you can guide even further, how do we simulate such a joint on the dynamic simulation and stress analysis environment? This part isn't that much necessary.) I'm really stumped with spherical rolling action in Inventor - there just doesn't seem to be any way of achieving it.

Thanks for your help.

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