How to mate multiple pins on the hole? Is there a much shortcut way to do this??

Trying to mate contact pins on hole for the PCB but it's cumbersome to insert it manually one by one.

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Your PCB may not have holes orientated where you can just do a circular pattern or you are assembling a part where you want to install a lot of something like bolts or screws that are the same part with similar mates but you do not want to assemble each one individually.

Here is how to use the "Copy with Mates" feature.

I could not open your files so I made a fast dirty model just to show you how the "copy with mates" works.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Only mate ONE pin and do a circular pattern......

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You can place one and then "copy with mates" and choose the mate (like concentric), that will be different and then just click on each hole and it will place a pin.

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Hi stephen. I didn't know this feature. Thanks for detailed explanation.

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Why you just not use circular pattern ?
In my sw book autor recommends this method.
It is fastest. Just one click and enter the number of elements.

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