how to measure Real time products dimension

i want to design a one plastic enclosure ( Reverse engineering ).i used vernier caliper for measuring dimension.but i don't know " how to measure the difficult dimensions and fillets dimensions" if any possibilities(not laser scanning) to measure the hand-handled device full dimension with myself.

example:(see the attachment)

this type of electronics devices i want to measure

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I am not sure of any particular measuring device/instrument that can accurately measure fillets/radii. When I usually have to measure such instruments, I do the modelling with the available dimensions and roughly fillet it to the nearest visible accuracy.

One way I normally do when fillets/radii are important is to take pictures of the part from different views and import it into Solidworks drawing and approximate the curve to the nearest fillet radius.

If you come across any other hand held measuring devices to measure these, let us know. ;)

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Taking pictures is a good way to get most of the shape done.
After that you could print the shape 1:1 on a piece of paper.
Cut it out and see if the shape is correct

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Can't go wrong with a set of radius gages.

But really, there are only so many radius values someone might use. I think most designers are going to stick with standard fractions, or whole mm values when adding a fillet.

A reverse engineering tool/software like DesignX will try to calculate the radius, but the results are not any better than what you could do with a gage, or even a pair of calipers.

If the radius is more complex than a standard fillet (i.e. various radius, a conic, or tapered), then you will pretty much have to measure and guess as best as you can.

3D scanning is another method. It is great technology, but can also be a pain in the ass to work with.

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