How to 'merge several scans' and 'split/cut the scan area' in FARO SCENE 5.3


I am new in this forum. I am a Mechanical/Industrial Design Engineer from Bangladesh. Previously, I have worked for Draexlmaier Group in Germany.

Whatever, I have some scans from FARO FOCUS 3D. I need to merge the scans (created from several angles). I also need to split/cut some scan areas (for example, a cylindrical pipe in the scan). I need to prepare 3D Models in CATIA V5 based on these split/cut scan points. At last, I want to compare the 3D Models and the scan points for the deviation.

Can anyone suggest me-

01. How can I merge the several scans (from several angles, at least from three angles) in SCENE 5.3 so that the corner points/some targets remain in the same co-ordinate?

02. How to split/cut the desired scan areas, so that I can prepare the 3D Model(based on the scan points) in CATIA V5?

Thank You.

With regards,
Ranjan Kumar Das
Sr. Mechanical/Industrial Design Engineer

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