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how to merge the many surfaces into one or two surfaces

By PRAVEEN KUMAR on 01 Aug 05:50 2 answers 278 views 2 comments

i have a blade model in iges and solid has so many surface can u help me in merging the surfaces. and please tell me the method also.
thank u


5mw blade.IGS, 47.1 MB
5mw blade.SLDPRT, 5.78 MB

2 answers

  • Sahedul Abedin
    Sahedul Abedin about 1 year ago

    You already have a single Surface. The meshing is creating the Problem.
    Can't you ask whoever provided the 3D model to give you a non meshed Surface ?

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG about 1 year ago

    The Import Diagnostic tool identifies and repairs a missing surface along the edge of the model.


    Repaired - 5mw blade.x_t, 14.4 MB

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