How to mirror a hole to the same face/plane of the object

mirrored hole goes off the object, can't put it to same plane

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Yeah, CAD software can be a pain sometimes...

If you just want two holes perfectly mirrored, you could try to mirror the SKETCH of the hole instead of the FEATURE of the hole. You will need a sketched line as a mirror axis. This will put the two holes in the same plane, which I think is what you try to do. If that is NOT it, please rephrase your question and/or upload a screenshot here (when possible) of the problem at hand.
Holes can be mirrored as a feature as well. You will need a PLANE as a mirror 'axis'. If this plane is not exactly in the middle between the original hole and the spot you want it to be, then the new hole will be outside of your model...

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