How to mirror in Catia?

Hi guys!I have a question about how to make left-right parts if you have one side already made.I have made the mirror operation but i can't delete the original part.What is the "Easy way"?

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3 Answers

The first way I can think of is to create an assembly and
Insert your part. then while working in the product, go to the top of the window and goto Insert->Symmetry. Choose the plane of symmetry, choose your part from the tree, Choose your options in the dialog box. Ok.
Save management. done.
Let us know if that worked for you.

Way #2: not in assembly, is to copy-paste as result with link the part body. then in the pasted part body, do a symmetry (not mirror) function.

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Thank you Robert.I tried the first method and works fine.
I will check the second method after i finish my small project.
Happy holydays and thank you again.

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Happy Holidays, one thing less to worry about ;)

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