How to model 3D impeller blade profile in SolidWorks

I need help figuring out how to model a 3D blade profile for an impeller I'm developing. I haven't worked out the specifics, but I need to know the process behind how to do it for when I have those specifics.

What I'm referring to is the 3D curvatures of a standard radial impeller blade; they're often times not a simple extrusion in the Z-dimension. Attached are three images; the first one is an image of the impeller features I need to know how to model, whereas the other two are screenshots from a PDF on centrifugal pumps that describe the process in terms of sections and what-not.

In far more general terms, I need to know how to "stitch" sections of parts together. So, for example, splitting a blade or airfoil into ten different discrete parts, building out the chords and "stitching" them together seamlessly; essentially working outside the confines of simple sketches.

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1 Answer

You can use the Torsion tool (insert/FOnctions/Torsion) (I guess)
It's one of the easyest ways to do this
Just make straight lines ans a torsion

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