How to model a Bearings Speed the heat generated?

Can a CAD program simulate a 6206 Bearing turning 6500rpms for hours, what kind of Heat they make at different rpms, like in the 3500rpms to 6500rpms range? Like my Rotax 582UL Ultralight engine use's, I believe FAG 6206 Crank Bearings on the Crank. It use's 50:1 Oil Ratio. They seem to have a high failure rate of the Crank Bearings(6206), and the lower Rod Needle Bearings. The 582UL engine use's a 26mm Crank Pin. I believe the 582UL lower Rod Needle Bearing is 26 x 33 x 18. By using aftermarket Rods, that are double slotted on the bottom, with dual oiling holes on top, it helps them to live longer. The Rotax 532UL(64hp), 582UL(65hp), 618UL(75hp), and the Skidoo 670(92hp) conversion for plane use, all use the same 6206 Crank Bearings. The 532UL, and the 670 both use 24mm Crank Pins. For the 670 conversions, we have tried without the Oil Injection, and just premixing at 40:1, that seems to help, but still having failures.

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