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how to model a belt for rescue robot in solid work?

By mitra yamollaei on 16 Jul 20:06 1 answer 0 comments

what is the important things in designing rescue robot

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  • M-ZubairAhmed
    M-ZubairAhmed about 3 years ago

    If i am not wrong by belt you mean a transmission belt.?
    Usual necessities for a belt to travel on is the pulley..Ones which you can easily model in solidworks. After that go to insert - Assembly feature- Click belt/chain.
    Select your pulley systems and correct the orientations to suit your needs.
    Do remember to check the option " Create a part " under the tab.
    Sw will create a new part as which you can add thickness and material by extruding. Everytime you change the position of the pulleys hit refresh. SW will automatically update the belt references.

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