How to model a bicycle lawn mower in solidworks?

What are the most common ways of modelling a bicycle lawn mower and what are the features to get started with?

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its easy to design its assembly start with the components seperately then assemble it,what is the problem specifically you are facing in doing it??

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You have an have 3d software (inventor)
so.....where is the problem....
Do you not know how to work with Inventor????
Than It is not about the lawn mower, but it is a software problem.....
Tutorials, books, school....they might help you further....

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there are many tutorials and projects available on grabcad, you can use them but dont totally rely on them its not much difficult to use inventor its like any other cad software just you need a video of a smaller project you can watch them on youtube, design any thing you want and you will be able to complete it 24-48 hours if you really wanna do that

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