how to model a bumper in solidworks

what are the most commonly used features in solidworks used to create a sheetmetal bumper. is it better to create a solid model and convert to sheetmetal or create sketches on planes or is there a easier way to achieve this? thx

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I don't see one way being particularly easier or harder than another, it's more of a preference thing. Sort of depends on what the final geometry is to look like too.

If it's a sheet metal part that gets cut out in the flat and then formed/folded one step at a time to it's final shape I'd probably tend to start with a solid of the overall shape and volume, shell it, and convert to sheet metal features at that point to finish the details.

If it's a sheet metal part that gets formed by big tonnage smashing down on it in a forming tool and squishing it to it's final shape, more like a car bumper, then I'd probably never use the 'sheet metal' specific commands because these commands are geared towards designing parts like in the first scenario.

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