How to model a cam slot in a pipe that has a perpendiular cut to the inside & outside surfaces and nice half moon ends?

I'm trying to model up a slot that has a perpendiular cut to the inside & outside surfaces of a pipe and terminate into nice half moon ends so that a bearing can ride in a inside the cut in a radial arc. If I use a sketch slot (with half mooon ends) and Wrap, Deboss, the cut is nice and perpendicular in the pipe but the ends of the cut/slot are not coming out nice into a half moon for the bearing to terminate in. I tried to use a rectangle sketch with Wrap, Deboss and then create a plane on both ends so I can do a revolve cut, but there isn't a nice flat plane to create a clean cut. I tried to use a slot sketch including the center line of the slot and Wrap>Scribe the sketch onto the outside surface. I then created a plane perpendicular to the ends of the slot scribe using the 3 vertexes to define the plane. I then create a rectangle sketch, use the centerline of the slot scribe as the path, and the two edges as guide paths, the cut ends up not being perpendicular to the surface although the ends are nice and flat and I can do a revolve cut which ends with the nice half moon cuts I want. I'm wondering 1- Is there a way to make the rectangle angled perpendicular to the surface when I do the Swept cut so that the cut ends up being perpendicular to the surface, or 2 - is there another way to do this? I attached pics so you can see what I'm after. The Wrap Deboss pic is the nice perpendicular cross section I want all along the cut. I looked around for CAD files for a camera lens that works on a similar principle, but couldn't find anything like this where it cuts thru the surface and has half moon ends.

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Try using swept cut with Keeping normal.

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I ended up just making do with what I had and it was fine. The problem is that the part didn't end up doing what I wanted to do after I built it, but hey, that's what happens when you're in R&D.

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