How to model a car in autodesk inventor

I want to design a car in autodesk inventor i tried lot of ways i know but i can not create...anyone please help me...!!

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2 Answers

I am an Auto desk user and can not see by there software, but to be honest Inventor is not the software you want to use to model a car. If it is still an Auto desk software then there is on other software better on the market than Alias it is the king of surface modelling, but it is a very steep learning curve. If I were your self I would opt for Solid works for your surface modelling.

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u can still create a model in inventor..but with great difficulty.u need to take many construction planes and sketch the surface curves as splines..and finally extrude all splines as surfaces and then use fillet to make a freeform smooth blending between the intersecting have more flexibilty u have some addins by autodesk.make use of them or else use autodesk fusion to generate the form using simple tols n commands.

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