How to model a diamond shaped wing...

I need a diamond shaped wing geometry like the f23's wing, for fatigue and flutter analysis. Anybody please help me .. If anyone can help me plz do comment please. If u have a geometry in CATIA or solid works or ANSYS please tell me.. or even if u have a geometry that is closely related like the f22's or f35's please tell me..

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3 Answers

There's quite a few F-22 models in the library, maybe you can find something there to work with.

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I just need the wing.. They are models for the whole aircraft..

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Special thanks to user Michael Hasse, I attached the wing from his F22 RC model to this reply. STEP, IGES, and solidworks included.

I believe it isn't a true airfoil, but it's closer than the other models I looked at, which are generally just flat.

Good luck!

If you find a better one and need it converted, let me know. You can 'load in 3d viewer' any library file that has a 3d format and 'section' through it to visually inspect the wing cross section to determine if it's appropriate for your activity or not.

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