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How To Model A Dirt Pilot Bit in Solidworks

By Prashant Dey on 23 Nov 11:46 1 answer 246 views 1 comment

Here's the Picture of the Tool i'm trying to model in solidworks but Can't Find A way to make it a swuccess any help would be appreciated

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  • Cengiz
    Cengiz 8 months ago


    It's hard to create a drawing that is just a screen image. But it's possible, add a photo to your Autocad screen, freeze photo layer it. Draw 2d drawing, after 3d drawing create from Solidworks. Draw a line across the boundary lines of the photo.

    You need a reference meter. You need information for a measure such as height, thickness. For this piece in the picture. When finished 2d drawing scale it, for curent dimension.

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