How to model a F1 bodywork without blueprints

First, i am pretty new to 3d modeling and i am using Autodesk Inventor.

I am trying to make a fictional F1 car with 2015 specs, but i am right now failing hard trying to find a way to model the bodywork (especially the engine cover area).

I know it's a surface modeling thing, but i need some ideas to start with.


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I don't have the file with me since i'm at work but this is the car i'm currently working on at home. from the nose to the end of the engine cover that was made using a sphere i shaped into the body. The floor was a second, the front wing was made from a few of them. The rear wing was normal parametric methods like extrusions

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Hi Demner

Here are to methods:

First you could sweep (surface through curves) to achieve it. Most software require at least 4 curves to do it and you can ad more for acurracy

The second method is a virtual clay modeling technique. I dont know if Inventor has this function but got to youtube and search Realize Shape - It's found in Unigraphics NX and look at Autodesk T-Splines (a plug-in for Rhino)

I have personally done 2 F1 cars using T-Splines and Im nearly complete with a third using Realize Shape

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Thanks for answering,

The loft method is quitetough for this task in my opinon, i will look into the T splines one though.

And concerning modeling method,what do you recommend? building the whole body as one part or divide it into separate ones ?

EDIT: well, after trying T splines, i came to the conclusion that it might not fit my modeling "style", i need some parametric modeling method.

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To answer your first question I model the whole main body of the car from one form, usually a sphere, then dividing. I find it more convenient.

I don't use parametric modeling for complex forms like an F1 car, so sadly I cant help you there

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Hello again,

Could you please post some video or some file, i really need just to see the first to put this on rails.


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Looks amazing!

T-splines on inventor didnt feel good at all for me, or maybe i just don't know how to manipulate them ^^

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Ok, i give up with surfacing! i will give a serious chance to splines as it seems to be the easiest way to get this kind of shapes..

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Good luck Demner. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube, have a look.
As always all you need is practice

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