How to model a face cam (or) drum cam? pl's post a step by step tutorial

modelling a cam how? pl's explain in detail

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Oh! When I uploaded this tutorial, All the steps were in sequence. But now they are jumbled! Please follow the steps....
I split the tutorial into 5 steps of each, coz i tried 20 steps at a time and I got error message. But when i split them, the uploading worked, but sequence is changed :(.

Can't understand why sequence has changed

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i can't believe this, thanks for your effort and helping mind.
is this tutorial is same for face cam or different.
kindly pl's explain.
once again thank you

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good thanks

you are really good at it

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For face cam, roll back the feature tree and see the procedure. I tried to upload step by step tutorial, but there was an error while uploading. So here is the model.

In brief, After the step 11 (convert entities) create a "filled surface", then use the surface to cut the material using "Cut with surface" then delete the surface using "Delete bodies" option. Then remove material and complete. The Zip folder contains steps in image format.

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