How to model a femur (human thigh bone) in solid works ?

I am doing a project which is part of my academics which involves developing a composite and characterizing them and with the results obtained i need to prove it can be used for constructing femur.

Need the procedure to learn/draw/design femur.

Thanks you

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You'll probably want to try a loft. Having googled the femur, it seems quite straight, so by drawing a series of cross-sections, or 'profiles', of the bone at particular places by drawing them in planes separated the right distance, you could automatically connect those profiles with the Loft tool.

For the ball joints at the ends of the femur, you could try the Loft again to extend the joint up to the point of the ball itself, then use the Dome feature.

This YouTube video should help you with the Loft element if you have any difficulty:

The Dome feature is located under Insert>Features>Dome. Select the face you want to dome, select the desired radius, and click tick.

If you wish to have multiple layers, e.g. the marrow and the outer bone, this will be more difficult, but should still be possible using Lofts.

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