How to model a gas turbine blade in Solidworks?

Regardless of performance requirements, how would I be able to model a gas turbine blade? What basic components make up a turbine blade? What would be the procedure to model one, what features would I use, where do I start, etc. If anyone would happen to have a PDF file with a step-by-step procedure I'd appreciate it. Thank you for your help!

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Alright this is another strange request. Strange in the fact that in your profile you claim to be well versed in some complicated programs and fields, yet you ask for the obvious. Look on line so you know what a turbine blade is, look here at turbine blades that people have already done, and search the net. Basically do what is necessary to complete YOUR model.

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Steve, that link is a tutorial for centrifugal turbine, however, I am looking to model a axial turbine. I have all the blade angles, stagger, chord lengths for both hub & tip. However, i am not sure how to generate blade shape from available data. I am fairly familiar to BladeGen, however, I am looking for a relatively better tool.

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Hello Pedro
I am also have the same problem , i need to model axial turbine blade but for sorry i do not have the dimensions for it , could you please tell me what you found.
Hope to hear from you soon

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