How to model a helical gear with non-standard module?

The SW software gives me some options of the number of module to my gears....But i need to made a helical gear with module 2,348 (For example)....
Someone can help??


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2 Answers

I suggest using a software support, personally I use geartrax, and it is available for various CAD software, easy user interface and you only need the basic information of your gear and automate it in CAD, I hope it will be useful.

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Greetings Henrique.

How accurate must the model be?
If you'd like, send me some details of the final part (Module / DP, pressure angle, helix angle, helix direction, teeth QTY, gear width, bore diameter). I've been working on a file to create helical gears for my own use. Maybe I can help you out.

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