How to model a jagged cone

I am very new to SolidWorks (just went through tutorials), and I could really use some help modelling a crown-like jagged cone.

I want to make this in 3D:

I already figured out how to make a hollow cone, make a tangential plane and use the Wrap tool to make a sketch and use it to cut the cone. Here's what I have so far:

My problem with this is that I can't do the curved surface projection in my head accurately. I can draw my sketch on the tangential plane, but I have no idea how to dimension and distort it, so that when it gets wrapped around the cone, it will constitute exactly one half of that cone. With this method it seems that I'll either have to do A LOT of trial and error and then end up with an inaccurate model, or I need to do some 3D geometry transformations on paper so I can calculate the exact parameters for the sketch. Both seem like a lot of work - there's got to be a better way!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hi guys,
I want to show you a technique I used recently in one of my models - Pi fruit bowl. It's quite simple.
First I extrude a cylinder, then wrap text or line and finally cut-revolve it in the desired shape - e.g. bowl, glass, cone.

Here is a step by step guide and the SW 2014 file.

I hope it's helpful.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Hi , try to explore the wrap function , you should find solution with it.
This function is able to project a curve aroud a cylinder or cone, and remove material. If you draw a baseline with lenght equal to circumference of the intersected cone, you have to draw your geometry on this line and remove material with wrap function .. Read SW help and "courage"

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Vace Vace,
here is the result of the flex function. I've changed the revolved cut sketch and used the flex function after that. I think the final result is very close to the answer of your question.

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LOTS of great suggestion above.....varies as to your desired accuracy and tolerance. My attached solution uses a quick expanding cylinder, shelled, a triangular prism circular-arrayed and cut from the shell....

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