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How to model a LCD monitor on solidworks?

By Parvez Ahmed on 11 Jun 07:16 3 answers 1 comment

which features can I use to model a LCD monitor. can I use the loft feature to model the main body? How can I make the angles on the edges of the body of the monitor?

3 answers

  • Hemant Kumawat
    Hemant Kumawat over 1 year ago

    you can use this given file to understand how to make moniter


    tv.SLDPRT, 2.65 MB
  • Saif Uddin Ahmed
    Saif Uddin Ahmed over 1 year ago

    I worked 2 years in Television R&D section in Walton Micro-Tech Corporation, a television manufacturing company.
    My works included design and research on physical body and it's parts of a full television. I worked in SolidWorks. Now own my own company
    Honestly, if you want to model a television perfectly, you have to know many things in SolidWorks and many things about its manufacturing.
    So, you should first practice SolidWorks more and more then go for modeling a true television body. Well wishing for you.

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