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how to model a magnet motor in___________?

By karthik raja on 18 Mar 09:01 3 answers 275 views 0 comments

Hello Sri, i have a one magnet motor idea. but i don't know this idea an running and failed, so i am search in last 5 years 3d software. which one is best i don't know. please help us

3 answers

  • Jack Knapp
    Jack Knapp 6 months ago

    Fusion 360 is good, and it's free to students and hobbyists

  • CADman
    CADman 6 months ago

    If you create it in Orchard (free browser-based CAD/crowdsource design platform), others can see it and edit it--so you can watch it grow and evolve over time. So you can collaborate with people around the world on the motor design. It's still in beta and slightly clunky, but it's getting better all the time (it was created for makers, by 3 makers).

    MUHARREM BAŞARAN 6 months ago

    ım looking magnet motor project ı do but it is not work ı wanna do for my kids collage project.
    pls help me?

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